A successful franchise is only as good as our franchisees. With our concept, ideas, solutions and unrivaled brand, together we will build the strongest most recognizable pet boutique & daycare brand in history.



D.O.G Pet Boutique and Day Care is the coolest pet store and day club space for pampered pups and parents. D.O.G Pet Boutique was founded in 2007. It was recently voted 2016 Best Pet Boutique by Pet Product News International. Our store is located near the Beverly Centers high traffic shopping center, in the trendy Beverly Grove area which has been featured as a tourist location bringing the latest pet fashions and collections to customers. Our franchisees are supported by resources in all aspects of a retail operation.

D.O.G Pet Boutique and Day Care has enjoyed world wide brand exposure through our flagship. D.O.G Pet Boutique and Day Care is quickly becoming a sought after brand by consumers, developers and entrepreneurs nationwide.

franchise-opportunity-fashion-brand-dogs-of-glamour-1.jpg  HOT OFF THE D.O.G WALK

Our franchisees and corporate buyers team up to attend some of the largest pet trade shows in America, Europe and Asia. In addition, we also design and produce our own products under the name brand (D.O.G) Dogs of Glamour. This is a unique opportunity for franchisees to offer our exclusive line of products only available at D.O.G Pet Boutique which gives a competative advantage.


We are a specialty boutique with something for every pampered pet and pet lover. We feature a unique collection pet clothing and accessories.

Your customers won't see other pets wearing the same item all over town because we offer limited quantities of our exclusive brand and with new items arriving almost daily. If they like it, they buy it for their pup, because it won't be there on their next visit!



Disclosure: D.O.G Pet Boutique is not currently registered with US Small Business Registry. This form is meant to gauge prospective interest. The communications made through this web page should not be construed as an offer to sell a franchise in, nor are the communications directed by or on behalf of D.O.G Pet Boutique to the residents of, any jurisdiction that requires registration of a franchise prior to offering and selling the franchise in that jurisdiction. No franchises will be sold to any resident of any such jurisdiction and the required Uniform Franchise Offering Circular, if any, has been delivered to the prospective franchisee before the sale in compliance with applicable law. Nothing in this disclaimer should be construed as a waiver of any applicable exemption provisions that may be available to D.O.G Pet Boutique