Rippy's Tear-Apart Dog Toys

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Your pet will love to tear into this toy! The super fun Rippys Tear-Apart Dog plush toy is an animal-shaped toy with a ripping noise that dogs go crazy over! This is the perfect alternative to chewing shoes and furniture. You won’t be able to "tear" them away from this toy!
It features limbs that attach with durable velcro for countless hours of fun!

Measuring Approximately 7"
Available Characters: Cows that Moo, Pigs that Oink, Lions that Snarl or Elephants that Trumpet.


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Oliver 4th Aug 2015

Pull Apart Lion

I am a four month old Yorkie who loves Velcro and this toy is top of my list as it comes apart and I not only get more toys to play with but each has a strip of Velcro. Heaven.

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